P.O.W. Series: Intensity

Intensity is defined as having or showing a characteristic in extreme degree, marked by or expressive of great zeal, energy, determination, very strong feeling, deeply felt and concentration.

Pursue everything you do with INTENSITY! You are given breath each morning, which means you experience a new day and opportunity to pursue your purpose and destiny with intention! The fulfillment in your arrival to this destined place is contingent upon how passionate you are about living your life to it’s maximum potential designed specifically for you! You were born to manifest Greatness in the earth, so there is a responsibility you have to PURSUE your PURPOSE with INTENSITY!

You will only have what it takes to fulfill your dreams, based on how bad you actually want to LIVE YOUR DREAMS! I have 3 questions for you:


The answer to these questions, should IGNITE an INTENSE FIRE WITHIN YOU! There should be evidence showing in your life that you are pursing your dreams with an extreme degree of passion, zeal, and concentration.

Marcus Buckingham said, “Always work hard. INTENSITY clarifies! It creates not only momentum, but also the pressure you need to feel either friction or fulfillment.” The INTENSITY that you feel to fulfill your dreams, will create the momentum that you need to arrive at your destination. The pressure is needed, because it acts as the INTENSE flame that will keep the fire burning to create a level of friction and discomfort in your current state to drive you to the place of fulfillment.  Therefore, when people see you going after your dreams like a it’s your next breath and they ask you, “Does it really take all of that?”, respond “YES, and then some!”.

To reach your goals and fulfill your dreams, you will have to PURSUE THEM WITH INTENSITY! I WANT TO IGNITE AN INTENSE FIRE WITHIN YOU TODAY! Some people are waiting on the calendar to launch them into the NEXT LEVEL and live their Dreams. I AM IGNITED and LIT NOW! ARE YOU? Don’t let the calendar tell you what to do and when to do it! NOW IS THE TIME! IGNITE & STAY LIT!

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Soaring Beyond the Limits,

Dr. Tylisha Johnson

Abundant Life Strategist

Transcending Horizons Enterprises appreciates Sonaley Reyes-Vargas for taking the time to discuss what it means to be Intense! Thank you again!