Turn Woes into Wins!

Most entrepreneurs are living, breathing, creative idea machines, multi-gifted, risk-takers, which can be a blessing or curse, or for better or even worse. It is sad to say, I hear all the time: “I have too many ideas”; “I really don’t know what I should do first!”;  “I have so many gifts and talents, I don’t know what to do.”; “I am not the best decision-maker”; and “I have failed in the past.” (just to name a few) . Almost every entrepreneur I have ever met has expressed these woes. Yes, it is super awesome to be so brilliant and gifted, but unfortunately this amazing gift ends up at a standstill and eventually hitting a big wall called, “Analysis Paralysis”. Oh yes, analysis paralysis is where you overthink an action to the extent where you actually never take action and you are stuck. You are stuck in the ‘What if…” zone: “What if my new idea doesn’t take off?”; “What if people don’t believe in me as I step into the new industry?”; and “What if I fail again?”. As Aj Joshi said,”Business is a game of chess, think carefully before every move and make every move count.” ~Aj Joshi The key word is…”move”! 

GREAT NEWS…there is HOPE! You can get out of the “What if…” zone, rise up from the analysis paralysis and turn those Woes into Wins!

Woe #1…A MILLION AND ONE IDEAS: WIN STRATEGY – Write them ALL down! Highlight all of the ideas that are in direct correlation with the vision and mission of your company. After doing your homework to perform a feasibility study on your ideas, prioritize the ones that will make the most impact in the market, while generating the most revenue. The other ideas can be optimized in a business venture, partnering, or collaborating with another company. Just make a Decision!

Woe #2…Multi-gifted and talented: WIN STRATEGY – Live your Life Out Loud…play all the cards you were dealt, leave nothing on the table! Most of the time you can utilize all of your gifts within your primary business. However, if you have a gift that falls outside of your primary industry, well it’s time to launch and explore the other industry. For example, I am a business strategist and a poet (I know go figure…lol!). Just get out there and do it…I did! It’s fun to explore and launch the other sides of who you are. Someone is waiting on that gift or talent that you have kept locked away. Just make a Decision!

Woe #3…Past unwise decisions and failures: WIN STRATEGY – You cannot live in your past. Do not let your past block your future. You must learn from unwise decisions and failures. In every unwise decision and failure is a lesson and blessing; take both and move on! Use the wisdom you learned to launch you into the next BIG MOVE of your life! New products, services, niche market, and partnerships are all waiting for you on the other side of your LEAP over the past. Just make a Decision!

It is time to be like NIKE and “Just do it”! Entrepreneurs stop over-analyzing your next step and just take the next step! You have thought about it long enough, you have done enough research, you have asked for enough advice, and you have been in the “what if…zone” for way too long! Turn yours WOES into WINS!! Just make a Decision! Make a move and make every move count!

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Soaring Beyond Limits,

Dr. Tylisha Johnson

Chief Strategist