P.O.W. Series: Passion

Passion is defined as a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept; intense, driving, an overmastering feeling; and conviction and ardent affection; and love.

Passion is a word that many use to describe what they feel when they love to do something. People say things like, “I am very passionate about helping the youth”. I believe that we have used this word very flippantly and lightly, because it has become so common. The common usage of the word passion has affected the true essence of the depth in proper definition of the word.  People can say that they are passionate about an activity or effort and then walk away from it to move on to the next thing they are “passionate” about.  This passion is the same word used to define the sufferings of Jesus Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death. His intense love (passion) to fulfill His purpose and destiny drove Him to the Cross to die for our sins. Jesus Christ did not just turn around, walk away or decide that it was going to be too hard and change His mind, but His passion drove Him to the Cross. I believe this meaning helps us put the depth of this word in the proper perspective.

Now that we have established and grasped the true essence of the word passion it can be used to help you properly identify your purpose and then be used as fuel to drive you to your destiny. As with Jesus, He was born to go to the Cross for our sins (His purpose) and it was His passion that drove (acted as the fuel) to press His way past the pain that He had to go through, all the way to the fulfillment of His destiny. Thus, we must use this same passion in the fulfillment of our purpose and destiny. It may get hard along the way and may be even painful, but your passion will not let you turn around or give up. Anita Roddick said, “To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.”. We must believe in our purpose and our vision with such a passion that it becomes a reality. With passion we can bring our dream and declaration into manifestation.

Let’s make a commitment today that we will pursue our purpose with Passion. I am passionate about fulfilling my purpose for being on this earth; are you? I am an over-comer who is absolutely passionate about helping people to overcome and Soar Beyond the Limits in business and life! What are you absolutely passionate about? If you don’t know and need help identify what that is, schedule your Complimentary 30 minute assessment TODAY!  Transcending Horizons Enterprises NOW offers Life Strategy Coaching Programs and Sessions to help you Soar Beyond the Limits in business and life to live the Abundant Life!

Soaring Beyond Limits,
Dr. Tylisha Johnson
Abundant Life Strategist

P.O.W. Series 9/20