P.O.W. Series: Pursuit

Pursuit is defined as in effort to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat, to seek, find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish a goal. 

If you are at all interested in fulfilling your purpose and destiny, then you should be in constant motion toward meeting a set of goals you have determined that will help advance you on this journey. You can choose to set the goals and casually get to them when or if you get to them, or you can make up your mind to be Relentless in our Pursuit of our goals.
You must not only Pursue your goals, but you must Pursue and overtake, capture, kill and defeat any negative thoughts, negative energy, and anything that comes to stand in the way of achieving your goals. The relentless Pursuit requires sacrifice: nights out on the town, your favorite TV shows, or sporting events, etc. Someone, somewhere is waiting on the answer you have to their problem, therefore we cannot be passive in our approach, but we must be aggressive. If you are not naturally aggressive, the relentless pursuit will take you outside of your comfort zone where you will have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
Using the analogy of a lion’s pursuit of the gazelle, it seeks it out, finds it, and employs measures to obtain it. The same focus, strategy, aggression and pursuit a lion uses in its capture of the gazelle, must be how you approach achieving your goals. You don’t stop until you capture it, kill it, and completely devour it!  Achieving goals requires much, but one thing that must remain consistent in reaching Goals is your Relentless Pursuit!
We would love to hear about our you have relentlessly Pursued your goals.  Please share in the comment section below.  If you would like to share in a vlog or FB Live interview, please let me know. Please help me to encourage others, your testimony, is needed to help encourage, propel and inspire someone else to Aspire Higher and Soar Beyond the Limits in business and life to live the Abundant Life!
Soaring Beyond Limits,

Dr. Tylisha Johnson

Abundant Life Strategist