Turn Woes into Wins!

Turn Woes into Wins: Make a Decision! Most entrepreneurs are living, breathing, creative idea machines, multi-gifted, risk-takers, which can be a blessing or curse, or for better or even worse. It is sad to say, I hear all the time: “I have too many ideas”; “I really don’t know what I should do first!”;  “I […]

Jumpstart Your Business: Become an Industry Leader & Increase Your Bottom-line

Jump-start Your Business: Become an Industry Leader & Increase Your Bottom-line by Dr. Tylisha Johnson Does your business need a jump-start? Are you finding that your business is stagnating year after year with no significant increase in your bottom-line? Question: When is the last time your business produced a new service or product? Witty ideas, […]


http:// Power of Words Series Vlog: Progress  Transcending Horizons Enterprises appreciates Mr. Edward J. Reyes for taking the time to give his wisdom and insight on making progress in business and life. Thank you again, Attorney Reyes (Contact: https://www.thereyesfirm.com/)! We would love to hear about what has helped you make Progress in your business and […]


Power of Words Series: Priority Priority is defined as something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives, the things that someone cares about and thinks are more important than something or someone else and therefore coming or being dealt with first. In our pursuit of our purpose and destiny we have many things in our lives […]